Restoration Advice

Planting a tree is easy. Restoring an ecosystem is hard. We’re here to help.

Do you need advice to address challenges in your restoration project? You’re not alone. Lot’s of projects need it. 

Our team of restoration ecologists provide free, confidential advice. 

We can address most challenges with a couple of zoom calls. If you present us with a really difficult problem, we may come to visit you on the ground to figure it out together.

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Here are some examples of what other organisations have needed help with. Feel free to contact us with any of these – or entirely different – questions.

Site Analysis

Only ecosystems that are forest under natural conditions should be reforested, in order not to destroy grassland ecosystems.

Is my site a deforested forest ecosystem or a natural grassland? We are happy to figure that out with you.


Restoration Method

Traditional planting? Applied nucleation? Farmer managed natural regeneration? Agroforestry? Direct seeding? Natural regeneration? 

So many ways of restoring a forest. Which one is best for my site? We are happy to help you find the answer.

Species Selection

Usure which species you should plant at your site? Not quite clear how to analyse a target forest to define a species list? We are happy to help.

Project Review

Do you feel relatively confident that your project is running well but would like an independent pair of eyes to take a look and spot potential issues? We’re happy to review your project along our restoration standards and recommend improvements.

Monitoring Program Set-Up

What’s the most important data to collect to monitor the development of my restoration site? How many monitoring plots do I need? How can I minimise the amount of work? Who can analyse my data for me? We are happy to help.
Advisory Team
  • Our Corporate Partnerships Team
    Dr. Aleida Diaz
    Senior Restoration Ecologist
  • Our Corporate Partnerships Team
    Oscar Verduzco
    Tropical Botanist
  • Our Corporate Partnerships Team
    Dr. Peter Borchardt
    Community-Based Restoration Specialist
  • Our Corporate Partnerships Team
    Oscar Perula
    Planting Specialist
  • Our Corporate Partnerships Team
    Anna Gee
    Restoration Ecology PhD Student
    Imperial College, London
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    Empowerment & Restoration Research Park

    Our advisory team is based out of our Research Park in Balam-Ku, southern Mexiko.
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    Interested in joining the team?

    This is a relatively new project and we are looking for people with extensive restoration experience to support the team.
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