Why do the trees have to be registered?


We children have pledged the goal to plant one million trees in each country of the world and since 2007, we are taking over the responsibility together.

In 2007, the "Billion Tree Campaign“ of the UNEP,  established by Wangari Maathi and Prince Albert II of Monaco, was handed over to us children in December 2011. Since then more than 12 Billion trees were planted worldwide. Now it is the task of the children to supervise the achievement of the goal that children and adults plant 1,000 Billion trees.
To show how powerful we are as a global familiy, we have created a Tree Counter. Here you can register how many trees you want to plant and later how many trees you really planted. It is very important that every single tree ist registered, as it is the only way to know how many trees are missing to reach the 1,000 Billion goal!

Create your own tree pledge or register planted trees. Here you can find a 3 minutes step by step explanation!