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Youth Summit Talks!

Join us for a dynamic series of monthly online sessions designed to empower young climate activists like you to drive meaningful change in our world.
Plant-for-the-Planet principles
Youth Summit Talks

Empowering a Global Movement

We believe in empowering the next generation, fostering community building, and making knowledge accessible to all, regardless of geographic location. Our Youth Summit Talks serve as a virtual platform for climate justice education, collaboration, and collective action, connecting young people from around the globe.
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What you’ll experience:

Engaging Sessions
Each session features expert speakers, interactive discussions, and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals from around the globe.


Key Climate Topics
Learn and explore critical advocacy areas and emerging issues in actions on climate justice and Ecosystems Restoration.


Global Impact
Prepare and contribute to global momentum towards key climate events and initiatives such as UN Conferences, Future Summit and beyond.


Capacity Building
Expand your knowledge and skills through climate education and knowledge-sharing events and gain insights for efficient climate advocacy.


Community Building
Connect with a diverse network of young climate activists and foster collaborations for greater impact.

Monthly Sessions

With monthly recurring sessions, our goal is to inform, train, and empower climate justice ambassadors and everyone interested in participating, fostering a global community dedicated to tackling the climate crisis together.

Upcoming Climate Justice Sessions

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