Youth Summit 2019


2019’s Youth Summit in Bonn, Germany

Plant-for-the-Planet is a global network. Once a year, we have the chance to gather at the Youth Summit and develop new phantastic projects.

From November 19th to 24th the fifth annual Plant-for-the-Planet Youth Summit took place in the Youth Hostel in Bonn. Over 70 ambassadors from all around the world met up for this wonderful week in Germany, eager to learn from the inspiring speakers and coaches we invited.

On Wednesday we had the honour of welcoming the fantastic inspirational speaker Craig Goldblatt. He taught us about how we can change our lives and also how to become better leaders.

Right the next day we were joined by Franz Josef Radermacher. His talk focussed on Global Climate Solutions. Radermacher gladly answered all the questions asked by the participants. Everyone was really fascinated by what Radermacher had to say. He was also accompanied by the German public TV-channel ZDF. This was definitely a highlight for most of the participants.

Together with Julia from the ETH Zurich’s Crowther Lab, we focussed on scientific questions of tree planting. Together with a team of ecologists, Julia researches on the topic of plants capturing carbon.

On Friday morning we all left to visit the UN in Bonn. Here we had the chance to hear from many different people working in different sectors and all in all this was a great experience.

The Youth Summit was only possible because all of our wonderful supporters. We thank the whole team at the Youth Hostel Bonn for their great work, Craig Goldblatt, Franz Josef Radermacher, Julia Maschler, all the speakers at the UN, our Global Board and our Secretariat for the amazing workshops/keynotes they gave and of course the photographer Rosa for all the wonderful photos.

We also want to thank all of the participants for making this years Youth Summit as great as it was.

Before the last workshops and the the farewell evening we were also able to plant two new trees!

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