• 150 trees for our future!

    Everybody should plant 150 trees. Together we'll  achieve 1,000 billion trees by 2020. You can plant your 150 trees yourself, or make a donation. For € 20 we'll plant 20 trees for you. So far we've used donations to plant trees in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Congo and Namibia. We're currently putting donations to use in Malaysia.

    Donate to fund trees too and help us!

  • Help to inspire children!

    We children inspire other children and motivate them to become active . With your sponsorship, you can help us to increase the number of ambassadors from 15,000 to 1million by 2020.

    Please support the training with a sponsorship!


  • Together we are strong!

    It is important to us that we are self-financing. All of us can contribute, even if only a very small amount.  Both of the two new 2012/13 presidents, Shanisse (14) and Sagar (16), and the founding-president Felix (14) (centre) lead our organization.  We democratically elect our board every year.

    Become a member too!

Who we are

Ahora nosotros los niños salvamos el mundo

"Talking alone isn't going to stop the glaciers from melting!"

Become part of the worldwide children´s initiative and become a Climate Justice Ambassador at a Plant-for-the-Planet Academy.
Together we inform other children and adults about the climate crisis and show what we can do in our fight for our future: We plant trees as a symbol for climate justice, we give speeches and in our campaign "Stop talking. Start planting." we symbolically shut the adults up, to show that it's high time to act.


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