How a product can plant 1 million trees each year: 'Die Gute Schokolade'.

The success story of 'Die Gute Schokolade'.



In 2011, we children had the idea to plant trees with a product in order to do something for our future with every sold product. After only 11 months we were the best sold Fairtrade chocolate in Germany.

'Die Gute Schokolade' Success Story

In 2011, we children had the idea to plant trees with a product in order to do something for our future with every sold product. After only 11 months we were the best sold Fairtrade chocolate in Germany.

Everything began with a bitter setback. The bosses of Bühler (world market leader in cocoa processing equipment) and Felix had the idea that our favourite industry should support the children with donations for their academies. So Felix asked the 350 confectionery manufacturers from all over the world, present at his speech: Please give us one euro per ton of the luxury product chocolate. Not one of them responded. With the words "this is shocking" Felix left the stage in tears. But we children of Plant-for-the-Planet don't give up that easily. If the chocolate makers won't join in, then we'll just make our own chocolate!

To date, we have planted more than 7,6 million trees (as of July 2020) with 'Die Gute Schokolade' and 'Die Gute Bio-Schokolade'.

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Enjoy the Chocolate
5 Bars = 1 Tree.

Currently, 'Die Gute Schokolade' is only sold in Germany and Austria, due to the availability of our current partners.

If you are interested in helping us find partners in your country, please contact for further details.

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Plant trees with your products

Print the Plant-for-the-Planet logo on your products and involve your customers to join the tree planting!

With the open-source and free of charge Plant-for-the-Planet App, anyone can find the perfect tree planting project. Planting trees has never been easier!

Become a Partner

Plant your own forest with 'Die Gute Schokolade' 

Did you find the tree voucher code on the chocolate wrapper? Register once on our planting platform. You can enter your code for free. You can enter your code for free. We will plant the tree regardless, but if you don’t redeem the code, it will not count towards your tree goal. You can also plant more trees, set a planting goal, plant a planting contest with friends and invite others to donate to your forest.

The Change Chocolate Bars

5 Bars = 1 Tree

The good thing about 'Die Gute Schokolade'? Actually everything! Because every piece is good for something in the truest sense of the word.

Because in the fight against the climate crisis and for a better world every piece does something good. Dealers and manufacturers are foregoing their profits and from this, we plant new trees that store harmful CO2 and release oxygen. 7,6 million trees have already been planted thanks to 'Die Gute Schokolade'. Your good deed for today: eating chocolate!

We are Test winners!

'Die Gute Schokolade' is exactly the way children want all products to be: produced in a climate-neutral way, certified by Fairtrade, and super delicious. This was also the opinion of Stiftung Warentest, the German consumer watchdog, which declared 'Die Gute Schokolade' the best among 25 milk chocolates (issue 12/2018). It convinced the testers with its "very vanilla, caramel, nutty" taste. 



Our Chocolate. Your Product.
With banderole, stickers and special editions.

'Die Gute Schokolade' makes your business look good too. Find out about our cooperation possibilities or give the chocolate to your customers on special occasions.

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City edition

Would you like to bring a personalised version of 'Die Gute Schokolade' to your city? We can say from experience: A city edition is well received by everyone.

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Shelf service

Other manufacturers have service staff who prepare the chocolate on the shelf in a neat way. You can do this job for 'Die Gute Schokolade'! If the chocolate is sold out, please ask the store manager to reorder immediately and post a photo of the empty shelf on Die Gute Schokolade Facebook page.

Chocolate tasting

The best advertising for a product is when you get to try it out. That's what our 'Die Gute Schokolade' tasting campaigns are for, which you can do in just a few steps, if you are in Austria or Germany. It is super easy and a lot of fun. So you are part of it:

  1. Choose a shop in our area, which sells the chocolate. Speak with the manager about hosting a chocolate tasting. 
  2. Get in contact with us at least one week in advance:  to let us know the date and time of our event. We will send you chocolate, flyers and posters.
  3. Make sure the manager of the shop remembers the date and time, and let him know that he needs sufficient stock of the chocolate. One Event sold 200 bars of chocolate in 3 hours! 
  4. Publish the event on facebook so your friends can participate. Maybe you can also advertise in the shop. 
  5. On the day: build a stall, prepare your information material, open some chocolate for tasting and talk to customers about the chocolate. If they are interested let them know where the chocolate can be found in the shop. 


Plant trees while baking! You can create beautiful and tasty baked goods and forests using the chocolate. We have some recipes for brownies, chocolate cake and more. Check our Instagram and facebook pages for new recipes.


Show the world your #chocolateside Doing good is now possible not only with delicious chocolate, but also quite simply with a Selfie! Show your #chocolateside on instagram, facebook and twitter and become part of our campaign!

Join in and post a selfie!

  1. Smartphone out 
  2. Show your chocolate side 
  3. Take a selfie - cover half of your face with 'Die Gute Schokolade'
  4. Post it! Dont forget: #chocolateside

COP Chocolate

The youth of Plant-for-the-Planet have been giving special chocolate bars to delegates at the UN Climate Conference since Warsaw in 2013. Inside the wrapper of the Change Chocolate, the children and youth explain how the average temperature rise can still be limited to 2°C. The Change Chocolate is a sweet invitation to help plant the 1,000 billion trees. In 2017 we had the special honour of having Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of UNFCCC, also signed the letter inside the Change Chocolate.

We hope to continue this tradition during the postponed COP in Glasgow in 2021. 

SDG Edition

Our wonderfully colourful special edition of 'Die Gute Schokolade' to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), are goals set by the United Nations to guarantee a sustainable future for all of us. With our 17 SDG Special Edition, you can taste every individual goal and learn more about them in a fun way. Every single piece of chocolate represents one of the 17 goals.

The special edition is now available in all participating supermarkets in Germany and Austria and of course online in our shop!

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