Youth Summit 2023


The 9th International Youth Summit organized by Plant-for-the-Planet recently took place at the Evangelische Akademie Frankfurt, marking a significant event for young climate activists worldwide. From October 4th to 8th, 49 Climate Justice Ambassadors participated, representing youth from more than 12 countries. Felix Finkbeiner, the founder of Plant-for-the-Planet, opened the summit with a keynote addressing the central challenge of climate financing. Participants engaged intensively in discussions on tackling the climate crisis, addressing its consequences, and discussing the responsibility of global stakeholders.

The Youth Summit featured diverse program highlights, including discussions, workshops, and even a visit to the European Central Bank. Notably, the Ambassadors collaboratively developed a manifesto, also called “Moneyfesto“, for securing financial support for a climate-just future. This manifesto serves as an urgent call to policymakers to take concrete actions in addressing the climate crisis.

Financing for a Climate-Just Future

The focal point of the 9th International Youth Summit was the financing of a climate-just future. Youth from 12 countries engaged in in-depth discussions regarding the challenges associated with meeting the financial needs to combat the climate crisis. Emphasis was placed on the urgent question raised at the previous COP 27 — how the necessary global transformation requires a minimum of four to six trillion US dollars annually.

The summit incorporated expert perspectives, including discussions with Dr. Karishma Ansaram from the UN High-Level Climate Champions Team, consultant Dr. Verena Kröss from WEED e.V., and financial expert Marie Kuhn from Greenpeace. The debate on the role of capitalism in solving climate problems was also part of the summit, where alternative economic models were presented. Thus, the Youth Summit provided a profound exploration of complex questions surrounding the financing of a climate-just world, encouraging the exploration of innovative solutions.

Youth Articulate Demands to Politics and Economy

The heart of the 9th International Youth Summit was the creation of a powerful manifesto for the future. Driven by passionate youth ambassadors, the manifesto emerged as a collective call to action, outlining concrete demands addressed to both political and economic spheres.

Shaped by the summit’s outcomes, this manifesto represents a resounding plea from the youth, urging decision-makers to take decisive measures in tackling the challenges posed by the climate crisis. It mirrors the unwavering belief of these young activists that the time for impactful action is now, as they advocate for a sustainable and climate-just future.

The Diversity of the Youth Summit Program

The Youth Summit unfolded a diverse program, taking participants on an engaging journey. From interactive workshops fostering in-depth discussions on climate financing to inspiring insights into the workings of the European Central Bank, the summit offered a broad spectrum of activities. The diversity of the program not only reflected the commitment of the youth in the fight against the climate crisis but also facilitated hands-on experiences and the direct application of acquired knowledge.

The visit to the European Central Bank along the Main River underscored the significance of economic and financial aspects within the context of climate justice. Workshops featuring experts like globalization specialist Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. F. J. Radermacher expanded understanding of the complex challenges and solutions in climate financing.

This diversity in the program emphasized that the Youth Summit is not merely a forum for theoretical discussions but also a dynamic platform for experiential learning and practical engagement with global climate issues. Participants gained not only theoretical knowledge but also insights into real-world institutions and inspiring encounters that further fortified their commitment to climate justice.

The 9th International Youth Summit transcended being a mere summit; it stood as a wellspring of inspiration, highlighting the diverse commitment of young individuals to climate protection. From intense discussions on climate financing to hands-on experiences at the European Central Bank, the varied program reflected the youths’ passion and comprehensive understanding of the challenges posed by the climate crisis.

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