Youth Summit

Plant-for-the-Planet's Youth Summits are events where Climate Justice Ambassadors from all over the world get together and work on specific subjects.
The first Youth Summit took place in 2015 in Tutzing, Bavaria. In 2016 we held the second Youth Summit in Augsburg, Bavaria. The 2017 Youth Summit will take place in November in Bonn during COP23.

Youth Summit 2018

In 2018, we'll launch the Trillion Tree Campaign. To prepare this vital event, we'll meet in Italy.

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Youth Summit 2017

From November 1st to 17th 2017, Plant-for-the-Planet will be in Bonn to be in the heart of climate actions with our 3rd Youth Summit.

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Youth Summit 2016

Augsburg. On 02.11.2016, 59 young people from 20 different countries founded the Plant-for-the-Planet Initiative e.V. in Leitershofen near Augsburg.

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Youth Summit 2015

Start of the greatest afforstation program in history
Youth from 23 countries met in Tutzing

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