Stop talking. Start planting.

"Stop talking. Start planting." is a global campaign that promotes our conviction that talking alone is not going to make a difference and that now is the time for action.

These pictures show children holding their hand over the mouth of prominent community members such as Chinese Forestry Minister Jia Zhibang, Chinese superstar Wei Wei, theologian Hans Küng, German musician Peter Maffay, supermodel Gisele Bündchen and also many other Heads of State, Government leaders and Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. Vistit us on facebook:  "Stop talking. Start planting"

With no budget for the production of these campaign photos, the images had to be obtained by means of "guerilla action". During conferences that the children were invited to, they asked participants to accompany them to view their campaign. After viewing the campaign these people were then asked to offer their support by taking part in a campaign picture. For its strategy and accomplishment the Hermann Waterkamp, Leagas Delaney, inventor of the campaign, won the Golden GWA Social Effie.

Thanks to the photographers who took the Pictures for the Children: Andreas Biedermann, Anita Bischoff, Per Eriksson, Annette Koroll, Bernd Schumacher, Jens Umbach, Markus Seidel, Thomas Rosenthal, Thore Timm

Feel free to share the pictures with friends via facebook, twitter or you can even publish them in newspapers or magazines. (It is not permitted to use the pictures for advertising products or services.)

Albert II. - Fürst von Monaco
Felipe VI. - König von Spanien
Gesine Schwan

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