High Standards and Transparency

Plant-for-the-Planet strives for the greatest transparency and highest quality. The restoration projects on the platform have to comply with high standards.
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Quality Control and Verification Measures

Satellite imagery

TimeTravel allows a year-to-year comparison at a glance

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Standardized reporting

Check out our free monitoring tool TreeMapper

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On-site reviews

The field verification process allows us insights into the projects that cannot be gained solely from the distance.

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Apply now to become a Plant-for-the-Planet Project Reviewer!

If you are a student or professional of biological sciences or have some experience in conservation, restoration, forestry, community involvement or NGOs, apply now to become an on-site reviewer for the Plant-for-the-Planet Platform!

  • Duration: approx 4-5 days: 2-3 days on site plus travel time to and from field

  • Tasks: meet the project leaders, visit the planting areas and nursery (if applicable), monitor general conditions and community involvement.

  • Steps:

    Before arrival

    Reviewers get an overview of the project and the field review documents. These documents contain, among others, some specific information for each project like: number of species planted, type of project, planting method, etc. Reviewers need to clearly understand the project approach as well as the data indicators before visiting the project site.

    Plant-for-the-Planet's Restoration Project Evaluator supports and accompanies the entire process of planning and logistic.

    On the field site

    The reviewer will travel to the project site, meet the project leaders and explain the review objectives. After this, the reviewing process starts.

    During the visit, the reviewer will talk with the project leaders to understand the biological and social aspects of the project, visit planting areas and carry out the field verification: take pictures, note species, check the area, and fill the field review sheets.

    After return

    The reviewer finalizes the report within one week after return and sends it to the Restoration Project Evaluator at Plant-for-the-Planet. In case there are any doubts, the coordinator might contact the reviewer for clarification.

    The reviewer's report is then submitted to our Project Review Board which decides which projects pass the standards, based on the report

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Restoration Project Review Board
The Restoration Project Review board advises on restoration project standards and makes the final decision on which projects meet our restoration standards to participate on the Plant-for-the-Planet Platform.
  • Our Corporate Partnerships Team
    Dr. Pilar Angelica Gómez Ruiz
    Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán A.C. CICY
  • Our Corporate Partnerships Team
    Ricardo Romero
    Former Program Manager
    International Tree Foundation
  • Our Corporate Partnerships Team
    Teresa Muthoni Gitonga
    Africa Project Manager
    One Tree Planted
  • Our Corporate Partnerships Team
    Dr. Peter Borchardt
    Project Manager
  • Our Corporate Partnerships Team
    Prof. Stuart Pimm
    Doris Duke Professor of Conservation
    Duke University

  • Report Fraud

    Are you aware of fraud or misuse of any kind on our platform? Please send an email to complaints@plant-for-the-planet.org so we can look into it.

    If requested, we will keep your identity anonymous.