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22. Mar 2023

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What is an Academy?

At Plant-for-the-Planet Academies, 9-14 year-olds deal with the causes and consequences of the climate crisis. They will learn about what every single person can do, how to give presentations and to plan their own first actions. At the end of the Academy, they are each recognized as a Climate Justice Ambassador and receive a large package of information materials.

In an exciting online course with Plant-for-the-Planet ambassadors, you will learn a lot about the climate crisis and how trees can help us. You will receive the dial-in data for the online course by email before the academy and can then dial in from home.

Kids will learn about:

Climate crisis and global justice:
What is the climate crisis and what does it cause - here and in other places of the world?

Ecological relationships:
What impact do trees have on the climate crisis? How do they reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere?

Ideas for activities:
What can I actually do myself? How do I get through to my friends, my school or the media?

What to bring:

A PC or laptop with webcam and microphone is required for the online seminar - please no mobile phone (only limited functions).

Participation is free of charge.