Leave a legacy for the future

Many people are concerned about their last will and testament. We would like to encourage you to deal with this topic and thereby actively shape the future. If you write a will and thus settle your inheritance while you are still alive, you can decide what should happen to your money and assets. You provide for the future, create clarity and legally establish your personal wishes. Without a will, intestate succession applies. If no heirs can be found, the state inherits. If you leave your estate or parts of it to an organisation recognised as a charitable organisation, it does not pay inheritance tax.

The certainty that your estate will do good is a nice feeling. With a testamentary donation or endowment, you can leave your estate or a certain part of it to charity and thus have an impact far beyond your own lifetime: For the people you care about - and for our climate. Our most important legacy is a planet worth living on for the generations to come.

This is how your donation works

With your will, you bring about change. 

You are supporting an important alliance between young and old, because our mission is to empower children and young people to engage with their future and involve them in global solutions for a better climate.

Planting trees is an intergenerational, peacemaking activity, gives hope and buys people time to achieve zero emissions. We also promote science in finding the most effective solutions and share these with other organisations planting trees and restoring forests.

How you design your will is a very personal matter. We would be very happy to clarify your initial questions and concerns with you personally. Contact us at any time or fill out the contact form.


Maike Grundmann will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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