Sustainable Events

Make your conference more sustainable by compensating your emissions and inviting one of our young speakers to teach your audience about the climate crisis.

Give youth a voice!

Would you like to invite Climate Justice Ambassadors to give a motivating lecture at your event? We are happy to support you!

Our Climate Justice Ambassadors are children and young people who want to save their future. In their speeches, they call for more climate justice, for more commitment from private individuals and companies and, above all, to plant a trillion trees to give us more time to combat the climate crisis. Because the climate crisis is currently the biggest threat to their future.

To help us find Climate Justice Ambassadors from your region, we would ask you to fill out the following questionnaire and send it to -

The video shows an example of one of Felix's speeches:

Climate Neutral Event

Every event generates carbon emissions. A reduction of these is the first step towards a sustainable event. All those emissions that cannot be avoided can be offset with Plant-for-the-Planet. We do this through the retirement certificates of Gold Standard and other certifiers, which support the expansion of renewable energy sources in Asia and thus improve the global energy mix.

Additionally, you contribute to the empowerment of children and young people as well as to the worldwide restoration of ecosystems through trees, whereby the trees themselves are not part of the compensation. However, they are buying us important additional time for the transformation towards a clean economy.

For the compensation we provide you with an official certificate and a climate neutrality seal that you can share with your guests and partners on your website or event invitation. In this way, you not only inform your guests about your commitment, but at the same time create awareness for the topic of climate neutrality and lead the way as a pioneer!

If you are interested, we will be happy to send you more information and calculate your emissions:

Tree Counter

Take advantage of the enthusiasm of the group and plant your own event forest together with your guests and partners! Register your own tree counter here. Define a tree goal that you want to achieve together and invite your guests to participate. With just a few clicks everybody can donate trees.

We can also create a custom event website for you to invite your guests to plant along. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us:

What this could look like you can see here:


With a widget that can be designed in the corporate design of your event, you can easily integrate the tree counter directly on your website. This way you can invite you guests to plant trees and visualize how big the event forest has already grown.

Even after your event your forest can continue growing - every donated tree will be counted and visualized in your tree counter.

Tree Vouchers

You want to do something good for your guests and speakers or you have a goodie bag to fill? Then you are welcome to do so sustainably!

With our tree vouchers you can easily give away trees. Whether as a printed voucher or for your thank you e-mails, a personalized tree voucher with a voucher code to redeem on our homepage is a very special treat.

Please contact us if you are interested in tree vouchers: