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The Spanish national organisation of Plant-for-the-Planet was founded in 2013 to empower Children and Youth in the country to fight against the climate crisis, to restore the forests of Andalusia and help restore forests around the world.


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Andalusia Reforestation Projects

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Granada Reforestation

At present, Granada is the fourth most polluted city in Spain. The establishment of a green belt around the city of Granada, through the restoration of forests and other landscapes, will create new green areas of enjoyment and leisure for the citizens of Granada. In addition, the multiple and imminent threats that the climate crisis poses to the region will be partially mitigated through the restoration of these green areas and forests. The Green Belt therefore aims to contribute to the well-being and livelihood of current and future generations in the Granada region.
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Doñana Reforestation

Doñana Natural Park is one of Spain's most emblematic biodiversity hotspots and one of the most important protected natural areas in Europe. A crucial hub for migratory birds travelling between Africa and Europe and the last refuge for numerous endangered species. In 2017 a fire caused vast damage to almost 10.000 ha of forest lands. Over several project phases Plant-for-the-Planet is restoring affected areas in collaboration with local authorities to help the flora and fauna recover.
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Plant-for-the-Planet Academies in Spain

Climate Justice Ambassadors

The Ambassadors for Climate Justice are children and young people who have been trained on the climate crisis at the Plant-for-the-Planet Academies. More than 75,000 children around the world share their Climate Justice values with their peers, families and friends.

  • Each year the ambassadors vote and elect their own Global Board.
  • Our global goal is to train one million children and young people to become Ambassadors for Climate Justice.
  • We are a great network of global citizens and together we can change the world!

Plant-for-the-Planet Spain Academies

The Academies are climate education activities aimed at boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 16 that allow the Foundation to identify future Ambassadors for Climate Justice.

Its objectives are:

  • Identify and train future global climate leaders
  • Responsible planting of trees with children
  • Involve companies and public institutions in the fight against the climate crisis

Upcoming Events in Spain

Come join us for our upcoming academies (children 10 – 14), talks or planting events (all ages welcome)!
Felix introducing Plant for the Planet at an Event

About Us

The Plant-for-the-Planet initiative got its start in 2007 when Felix Finkbeiner, a nine-year-old German boy, presented a school paper on climate change. Since 2014 Plant-for-the-Planet has been working in Spain and more than 3,000 boys, girls and young people have already been trained with our Academies.

We currently work with two objectives:

  • Develop the network of Ambassadors for Climate Justice in Spain
  • Make companies and institutions join our goal of restoring a trillion trees around the world


We identify, train and provide long-term support to Spanish children and young people who are facing the global climate crisis: the Plant-for-the-Planet Ambassadors. We create the framework for them to connect with each other, inspire each other and become confident speakers and independent multipliers committed to their future.


We aspire to be the leading organization among Spanish children and young people in the fight for the long-term survival of our planet, empowering them as Ambassadors for Climate Justice and exerting decisive influence over decision-makers in politics and businesses globally, promoting the massive planting of trees as effective carbon reserves.
Our Team
  • Our Corporate Partnerships Team
    Josep Santacreu Bonjoch
    Plant-for-the-Planet Spain
  • Our Corporate Partnerships Team
    Jordi Juanos
    Managing Director
    Plant-for-the-Planet Spain
  • Our Corporate Partnerships Team
    Oscar Perula
    Restoration Manager
    Plant-for-the-Planet Spain
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    Jordi Juanos (Managing Director)

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