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13 July 2022

"The race for a trillion trees can continue to motivate donors, but Finkbeiner says that his organization is no longer focused on counting trees. Ultimately, he believes, the movement鈥檚 success or failure in restoring the world鈥檚 forests will be judged not by the number of trees planted, but via satellite imagery, viewed over the long term, and discussed the old-fashioned way 鈥 in hectares."


23 July 2022

"We are all impressed by Greta Thunberg, but what about Felix Finkbeiner? He鈥檚 a young German environmentalist who, at the age of 9, proposed that every country commit to planting 1 million trees and then, at 13, upped the ante and suggested at the United Nations that we target 1 trillion by 2050."

鈥 Fareed Zakaria


16 August 2022

"Nothing is more important than reducing emissions to zero," says Felix Finkbeiner in an interview with S眉ddeutsche Zeitung. In addition, however, one has to bind as much CO2 as possible. And "for that it is necessary to restore forests". But "it is not impossible to achieve net zero emissions by 2050".



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